Path of Exile

It is the ultimate Diablo 2 clone. In case you played D2, you gotta try this out.

Gameplay Boasts

  • Scores of skills and easy-to-use combat process
  • Be competitive within the ladder and along with your ratings
  • Levels are randomly generated
  • 3 dimensional world seen from fixed angle view
  • Will remain free to play

Path of Exile Screenshots

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Video of the gameplay in Path of Exile

Path of Exile review

Path Of Exile is the latest game being currently developed by Grinding Gear Games, a new RPG company based in New Zealand. It's a finely detailed, very intense, dark fantasy RPG, very similar to games such as Diablo III. It is currently available only online, and is completely free to join and play. It takes place in a mythical fantasy realm which is known as Wraeclast, and offers single or multiple player capabilities. At present, there are no plans to release the game anywhere else besides the internet.

Based on what little we've managed to observe of it, it's a game that will draw a large fan following fairly quickly. It's packed with action, well developed character classes, and a massive skill tree, all of which will offer gamers plenty of scope to construct their fantasy persona in a very well realized dark fantasy realm. However, for gamers with much shorter attention spans, Path Of Exile's scrupulous attention to detail may prove a bit overwhelming. Patience and dedication are definitely required to master all of the details of the game, so be prepared to invest a fair amount of time into it. In the end, we think that this patience and dedication are bound to pay off, and gamers will find Path Of Exile an absorbing, satisfying, dark fantasy RPG which will more than repay their investment.

There are six different classes of character to choose from, which include Witch, Marauder, Ranger, Duelist, and others. You'll find plenty of secondary characters, and lots of interaction with other players, to keep your interest, and keep you focused on the multiple quests and levels which the game offers. Once again, Path Of Exile is not for the fantasy RPG "newbie". Veteran players will find it a very rewarding experience, one which we highly recommend.


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